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02 32 40 58 26
Pharma-Parc II Voie de l’Innovation, 27100 VAL-DE-REUIL
Recherche et développemet

Holodiag is a customer-oriented Contract Research Organization offering Chemistry Manufacturing and Control (CMC) services to the pharmaceutical chemistry, animal health, cosmetics and agro-sciences industries.

Holodiag offers pharmaceutical solid state services, including solid state analysis, solid state screenings and pharmaceutical crystallization process development, filtration and drying studies. We support our customers with the development of the right solid phases throughout the pharmaceutical development process, from pre-development to production.

We have deep expertise in thermodynamics, heterogeneous equilibria and phase diagrams.

Holodiag has a customer-oriented approach. We value open communication at all stages of the development process and establishing long-term relationships with our customers, that are built on trust.

We attach great value to customer satisfaction. Studies performed in our laboratory are carried out in the frame of a quality system complying with the Good Manufacturing Principles (GMP) guidelines. Our procedures are regularly audited by our customers.

Our customer base includes both big pharmaceutical companies as well as small contract manufacturing organizations.

Holodiag is a certified Research Tax Credit (CIR) Organization. The company was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in Val de Reuil, France.