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Centre-Val de Loire
02 37 88 79 50
8 Rue Blaise Pascal Parc d’Archevilliers, 28008 CHARTRES
Ingénierie industrielle

Born in the pharmaceutial industry.

Pharmaplan is one of the leading consulting and engineering partners of the pharmaceutical industry. In the highly regulated GMP environment we carry out EPCMV projects, offer consulting services and provide local on-site operational support.

The French organisation has served the pharma & biotech industries since 2004. We work in international teams together with our colleagues from the European region.

Thanks to the operational platform built with our office in Belgium, Pharmaplan can fully support projects in France, North Africa and Belgium.

We offer our pharma and biotech customers the full range of Pharmaplan’s engineering and consulting services portfolio. Our experts always strive to serve our customers with state-of-the-art expertise and the latest technology know-how.

Our staff also enjoy attractive benefits and a flexible work model.

Our index about women & men equity is 93 for 2021.