2015 topic : administration routes for antibody therapy

• Main and alternative administration routes

• New administration devices

• Specific formulations for monoclonal antibodies

The annual “LabEx MAbImprove Industrial Workshops” are primarily intended to provide scientists involved in research on therapeutic antibodies with a comprehensive view about topics of interest for the pharmaceutical industry. 

They are organised by the “LabEx MAbImprove Industrial Committee” and Polepharma, in partnership with the Groupe IMT and ARITT Centre. The workshops are also closely linked with the “Biopharmaceuticals” programme supported by the French Région Centre-Val de Loire.

The 2015 LabEx MAbImprove Industrial Workshop, the third in the series, is dedicated to MAbDelivery, the optimisation of all processes related to the arrival of a monoclonal antibody at its target site.

Come to MAbDelivery and share an overview of the advances in antibody therapy and open the discussion on new administration routes and formulation development!

Round table networking session during lunchtime


Programme and registration : www.mabdelivery.fr